About MBR Group International

MBR International group is considered to be a multinational organization with Its HQ located in Sudan and it has offices scattered around the globe
In UAE (education, Gum Arabic factory), KSA (education & livestock export), Egypt (livestock export, Marble export, agricultural crops export), South Sudan (Power plant projects) & Chad with invested capital of $350 Million Dollars.

The MBR Group


Established in 1994 in area of 300000 square meter located in Omdurman Which includes 17000 students from various specialties like Medicine , Pharmacy, Engineering ,Management and administration studies , the University also includes 1200 student in post graduate studies , the total value Of the university is $150 Million US dollars.


Royal Care International hospital has been designed, structured and set to Operate as an international medical care provider, the building design was Tailored to international standards and hence purpose built. Every single Aspect in the building was joint commission international (JCI) standard
In order to be the medical centre of excellence in the Middle East and Africa With invested capital of 100 Million US dollars.


MBR Group International is the key agent (GSA) for ARABIA AIR in Sudan which operates Scheduled services to 51 destinations in the Middle East, North America, Indian subcontinent, central Asia, Africa & Europe.


MBR Mining was established in 2015 , its specialises in mining sector.
The company is set up to be a pioneer in the field of industrial minerals in the African continent and worldwide.
MBR Mining owns more than 5 quarries and 30 more mining concessions that produce different types of minerals such as Marble, Gypsum, Talc, Manganese, and Quartz.
The strategic objective of the company is to produce and promote the industrial minerals sector in Sudan, which would lead to a major boom in the field of industrial minerals exports, which in return will enhance the national economy.


The agriculture sector is the most important economic sector in Sudan ,it Created 39% of the GDP & employed about 80% of population therefore MBR Established agricultural company using modern & innovating technologies MBR also providing services & inputs to producers and outputs to consumers Contributing to the development of agricultural work to make it profitable & Success business the company business activities includes :

  • Agricultural production
  • Provision of modern agricultural production inputs
  • Consultancy and Agricultural Services


Located in Khartoum, south of the local market on an area of 4,250 square meters producing cartons, books, notebooks and paper sheets.
Total investment of 3 Million US Dollars.


Bushrayat is an Agribusiness  production company created to fill the needs of foreign importers for Sudanese Agricultural and livestock produce such as live cattle, sheep, alfalfa, cotton, sesame, gum arabic, etc…


This complex is one of the largest, most technologically advanced, HALAL compliant, integrated livestock and meat production projects in Africa and the Middle East.
The scope of this project is to benefit the livestock and meat production business chain to satisfy the international meat market requirements.
With an invested capital of 50 million US Dollars the project will be located on a total area of 1,000,000 m² located in Khartoum State.


Medical consumables are an essential element in the healthcare industry and we have a constant demand. MBR Medical was established to fill this need and cater to the local as well as regional market by supplying high quality medical consumables as well as medical equipment. MBR Medical has also become a major importer of pharmaceutical products for various laboratories in Sudan as well as supplying the University of Science and Technology along with Royal Care Hospita, both of which are part of MBR’s group of companies.


  • Import of Medical Consumables
  • Provision of Pharmaceutical products
  • Import of Medical Equipment

Projects In Development

  • Natural Gas Project
  • Petroleum Projects
  • University Of Science and technology - KSA
  • Meat Factory KSA
  • Gum Arabic Factory UAE - Abu Dhabi
  • Emirates-American School UAE - Abu Dhabi
  • Flour Mill - Chad
  • Powdered Milk Factory - Uganda
  • Electrical Power Plant - South Sudan
  • Housing project Sudan - Chad