The Founder

Dr. Elmutaz Elberier is a member of a well-known business family in Sudan For over three generations in the field of trade, industry, agriculture and real State since 1920.

His father Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Elberier was considered as one of the Pioneers who put his fingerprints and great contribution to the Sudanese Economy in various sectors. His sons inherited the profession and set up the biggest Factories for food, Soft drinks, sweets, detergents, oils, packing and distribution of tea as well as Expanding in the field of agriculture projects and special corps such as cotton and alfalfa.

Dr. Elmutaz Elberier graduated from the University of Missouri in the United States of America then he got his PHD in Management and Marketing.

Dr. Elmutaz has a clear vision that guides him in his all business projects therefore he established and create excellence in healthcare institutions and well known private universities.

Dr. Elmutaz Elberier
Dr. Elmutaz Elberier

Key Achievements

  • Founder of MBR International Group,
  • Founder of Royal Care International Hospital which considered as one of the largest and newest private hospital in Middle East & Africa, (100 Million US Dollars)
  • Developing Natural Gas Projects - Sudan,
  • Mineral & Livestock Exports - Egypt & Morocco,
  • Developing Natural Gas Projects - Sudan,
  • Developing a Meat Factory - Saudi Arabia,
  • Developing Electrical Power Plant - South Sudan.
  • Successfully completed the Sudan Railways renovation project,
  • Chairman and member of board of directors for many charitable Institutions & hospitals,
  • Holds the Order of Merit of the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan,
  • Completed Housing Projects -  Sudan,
  • Mineral & Livestock Exports - Egypt & Morocco,
  • Developing the University Of Science and technology (1.3 Billion Saudi Riyals) - Saudi Arabia,
Dr. Elmutaz has brought together all of his companies under the MBR International Group umbrella totalling a combined capital of 600 Million US Dollars.
Dr. Elmutaz Elberier